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The Lumberton Christian Care Center is an organization that knows how to operate on a shoestring budget. There are many ways you can help us help others.  To donate with PayPal or your credit card, please, click the donate button at the top of the page. Monetary donations can be sent to PO Box 1712 Lumberton, NC 29359. We are praying for your help. Call us at (910) 739-1204.


Pray for our work and pray for the hungry and homeless.


Every day we have dishes to wash, food to cook and serve, tables to clean as well as ongoing needs for maintenance and other services.

Wish List 
  • styrofoam cups & plates

  • plastic knives, forks & spoons

  • paper towels

  • aluminum foil (restaurant type)

  • plastic wrap (restaurant type)

  • napkins

  • aprons

  • vinyl gloves (XL - no latex or powder)

  • laundry detergent

  • travel size deodorant, toothpaste & toothbrushes

  • hairbrushes

  • combs

  • towels & washcloths

  • shower curtains (heavy-duty)

  • bath mats

  • trashbags 

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