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Impact Stories

extending God's love into a hungry world

We would like to share the impact that

Lumberton Christian Care Center has had

on those we work so hard to serve.

Janice's Story

Janice was a breast cancer survivor who had a minimum-wage job but no place to live. Using our computers and Wi-Fi, she was able to complete her studies at Robeson County Community College. Utilizing our clothes closet in order to dress professionally and her hard-earned degree allowed her to get a better-paying job that would provide the needed income to procure permanent housing.

Mary's Story


Mary was referred to Lumberton Christian Care Center by the Department of Social Services after she lost her home. Mary had two children who were now with their father until she could recover and provide for them. She did not want them to be in a shelter, even though we do have the capacity to house children as well. With no vehicle or funds, Mary was able to apply for a job at nearby Two Hawks Employment Agency and did find placement nearby thus allowing her to quality for a low-income apartment through the Robeson County Housing Authority. After staying at the Center for 35 days, utilizing our showers, laundry machines, clothes closet and computers, Mary was able to move with her children into family housing.

Anna's Story

When our sweet housing manager noticed an elderly woman struggling to  cross the street in front of the Center, he immediately went out to assist bringing her inside out of the cold weather. Anna was hungry, so he fed her. She was exhausted, so he offered her a bed. She was given some warm clothing while she utilized our laundry machines and shower. We were able to purchase a bus ticket so that she could travel to her sister’s home in the northern part of the state and gave her food and drink for the long trip.

David's Story

David was living with his grandmother when suddenly their home was ravaged by fire. Sadly, Grandma did not have the extra income to have purchased homeowner’s insurance to repair or replace her home. With only enough space to house one extra person, one of David’s aunts took in his grandmother leaving David homeless. The Lumberton Christian Care Center was happy to not only provide temporary housing, but also the use of our  Wi-Fi and computers allowing him to search for a job. Thankfully, that search was successful, and David utilized our clothes closet in order to dress for success with his new job. Soon he saved enough money to make deposits for his own housing and utilities where he continues to thrive. While staying at the center, David cheerfully helped out by completing various chores as all residents are required to do. We are so happy when he occasionally drops by to let us know how well he is doing.

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